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Vaping products are for adults 21 years of age or older.

Welcome! When you shop at you can be sure you are getting a quality product at a great price. These products are not intended to be a treatment for nicotine addiction. They are intended to be a way for current smokers to “smoke” without the dangerous toxins and carcinogens. When you buy from Steven's you are considered part of the family. Steven personally reviews every order and tests every product so you can rest assured you are getting the best value for your money.

As a small but growing seller of premium vape supplies and eliquids strives to provide it's customers with one of the most pleasant, informative and efficient customer e-Cig purchase experiences on the Internet. I try to stock the best-quality for all for all your smokeless needs, with great deals and everyday low prices.

All U.S. orders include FREE USPS tracking, all Priority includes free insurance up to 50 dollars.

STEVEN'S WHOLESALE NOW SHIPS TO HAWAII - I am unable to ship to Alaska or Puerto Rico. Sorry.

Customer notification emails are sent when order is received, when payment is received and when order is shipped (99% of the time it takes less than a day).

Steven's Wholesale packs your electronic vapor products carefully so as not to damage them, like we are packing them for Steven's Mom.

Steven's Wholesale vaping products are NOT intended as a therapeutic replacement for smokers.

At Steven's Wholesale Steven prides himself on having exceptionally high quality, brand name Nicotine eliquids. Steven only stocks quality brands like Dekang eliquids because his customers deserve to have the most enjoyable and realistic smokeless vapor experience possible. Steven found the brands offered to be the best value for your money, hands down, like the best selling Dekang USA Mix.

Feedback: processes all customer feedback and are constantly improving the products and services based on this feedback. Many of our competitors are only interested in the initial sale. Steven's goal is to build a strong, loyal Steven's Wholesale Nation of Customers. Steven welcomes your product reviews and feedback anytime!

Please Vape responsibly.

"I want my Customers to stay with us and I build relationships with as many as possible. I want to make sure that everyone not only understands these products, but also uses them as efficiently as possible." ~Steven

Customer Service:
When you call Customer Service you will speak to a live person that is based in the United States. When you email or call someone will return the message as quickly as possible and not leave you waiting. It is like 1950 all over again! How is this possible with such a large customer base? At Steven's Wholesale the answer is simple, keep the quality high, ask our customers to track their own packages in their account, follow the Policy and together we simply don’t receive a large number of dissatisfied customer calls. In fact, 98% of inbound customer calls are for reorders, and 1-2% need a simple question about a part or parts.

Remember, Steven's vape supplies and eliquids are for adults only and are not intended as a therapeutic replacement for smokers. Please Vape responsibly.

The goal at Steven's is expand the online presence throughout the United States. Steven is seeking long-term employees and satisfied customers to spread the word about his quality, smokeless vaping products and premium flavored vapor eliquids. Your referral is the highest compliment you can give! The more people you refer to shop here, the lower your prices will go, that's Steven's Wholesale promise.

(Office hours are between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (PST) Closed on Saturday and Sunday)

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